I want to share this idea with you guys (because I’ve been contacted several times on my blog www.wealthmeans.com and on social networks about how to create ebook and make money from it online), though this is no more news or secrete because many IMs have been making tons of thousands selling ebooks online. I’ll try to make this post very short and simple to understand. Let’s get started...

How to start writing your ebook

Brainstorm ideas: source for ideas (topics) online that internet surfers are wanting i.e something that people are lacking and are eager or desperate to get answer to or meet.

So how do you get these topics; is by using by online keyword research tools. E.g Google keyword research tool. This tool will give insight about a particular topic t5hat can generate hundreds to thousands of requests in search term. See picture below..

After you’ve gotten your desired topic then move to creating solution around it i.e writing a comprehensive article about it using your Microsoft office on your PC ( I recommend using office 2010 and above so as to convert it into a pdf file extension).

How Or Where to sell Your Ebook(s)

By now you must have finish creating your ebook, so its time to start making money from it. Here I’ll explain 3 basic ways of making money from your ebook.

  • Use of Forum(s): This is a very good way of getting a targeted audience for free to your product(s).
Sign up on a forum/membership site (Nairaland.com , Reddit.com etc), Create a new topic about the  product, and make sure that the post is very catchy and well explained so as to gain the reader’s attention.
Then copy the link of your post and start pasting it on different sections of the forum or other websites but on related topics so it won’t look like a spam post. 

  • Create a Blog: You can also create a blog round your ebook and start referring people to it and more importantly optimized the blog so as to gain free and direct audience from search engines to your blog (book).
  • Paid Advert: If you have the money for advertising your ebook you can make use of paid advert programs on Facebook, Google, Bing etc, and better  still if you don’t know how to run a paid advert programs or don’t want to go through the stress to get your maximum desired profit I can help you, just contact me.

How to Get Paid

To deliver your ebook and also get paid for your service, you can make use of payment processor like
2checkout, Voguepay (both can receive money with credit cards).

Or the easiest that most IMs make use of is this method. Tell your buyers to complete this simple task when and after making purchase: 
  •  Pay the sum of so, so and so… to the following Acc
  • Give out your Acc details you want buyers to pay into e.g a/c name, acc N0 
  • After text your depositor name, teller N0, amount paid and the name of item they paid for. To a certain dedicated Phone N0 Or Email address. 
  • And more so buyer’s email address should be included in the text they are sending to you (VERY COMPULSORY), because they will use it as the download link for the ebook.
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