I just ended a telephone conversation with a confidant and senior friend who called from Abuja this morning and he gave me fresh insight into the new appointments announced yesterday. My friend who is very close to Dr. Ogbonnaya Onu told me that Dr. Onu called him this morning for 35minutes to tell him how vain Nigerians are. Dr. Onu according to my friend said his house was like Mecca yesterday in
Abuja with no space for people to move around in anticipation that he would be announced as the SGF. In his house were Igbo professionals who want appointments and influencers who came with lists of those Onu should appoint as Head of MDAs since the Office of SGF is assumed to coordinate this. When someone else’s name was announced his house became empty within minutes. Now, Dr. Onu is a lonely man as all fortune seekers have disappeared. That is who we are. We want appointments for our village and ethnic man/woman so we can get our own share of national cake. Onu said all those crying over appointments for him or anyone is not for love, it is for what they hope to get.


I personally would have preferred Dr. Onu as the SGF but now i know better. This man is a decent and gentleman of highest standard. Onu told my friend that President Buhari had given him the honour of taken him into confidence few days ago before yesterday on why he won’t make Onu SGF because he (Buhari) has something better for him (Onu). Onu according to my friend said President Buhari told him people attach so much importance to SGF and Chief of Staff because of the bastardisation of the system over the years and destructive influence peddling which got worse under Jonathan. Buhari told Onu that under his Presidency SGF and CoS wont become almighty that everyone must worship. The President told Onu that he wants to return government and bureaucracy to the days of yore when honour and integrity were the watchwords and not corruption and influence peddling, therefore, SGF and CoS wont be a coveted position again. The President also said, according to my confidant that he has his reasons for appointing certain people to certain positions and all will manifest in due season but chief among is the need to protect the individuals from undue pressure and making enemies for nothing.

For example, if he gave Onu SGF position Igbos will hate him for life because Onu wont be able to give anyone appointment as that function will no longer be under the office of SGF. Many people wanted Col Hameed Ali too to be EFCC chairman or Chief of Staff but the President thought differently and put Col Ali in a place he believes Col. Ali will serve the country better. Buhari told Onu that he knows where he wants to use him and it will be what will bring glory and honour to him and the country. Buhari told Dr. Onu that SGF is not a big position contrary to what people think. It was part of failure of governance under Jonathan that made Pius Anyim powerful and to arrogate power to himself. SGF, for Buhari is an office to present memos for the Cabinet and the President and for PMB Dr. Onu should serve better use than that. Dr. Onu told my confidant that he was so happy with the President after their conversation. Under Buhari, the Ministers will be main drivers of government and I think that is where Onu and others will make their marks.

THE LESSONS: Don’t criticize what you don’t know just because everyone is doing so. Wailing Wailers are doing it not because of any love for country, Federal or Village character. They are shouting just for mischief. There are genuine concerns for balancing act by honest people and this President is very much aware. Future appointments will accommodate every section of the country just like the Military appointments.

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