A former Governor of old Bendel State, Dr. Samuel Ogbemudia, has attributed failure of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) in the 2015 general election to the party’s refusal to take full assement of its previous victories.
Ogbemudia, who stated this when he was registered for the PDP biometric registration in Benin on Monday, said the party mismanaged its successes in previous elections.
He also noted that the defeat would have been avoided if the leadership of the party had listened to advice from well meaning members and some leaders of the party.
The former governor, who expressed believe that the party would regain it lost glory, he said he is always available to provide whatever support needed to bring the party back to its pride of place in the country’s history.
He, however, debunked the insinuation that he has relinquished his membership of the PDP.
Ogbemudia said, “The party initial mistake was made when it refused to take full assement of its victories. Therefore we mismanage the successes recorded in previous polls. It is the outcome we are all suffering now.”
“I will do all that is necessary to enable the party get back to its winning way.
“I will only cease being a member of the PDP when I can no longer breathe. While I am alive, I will continue to support a PDP that is well led by a remarkable Nigerian who understands the act of service.
“This card, I will treasure it, I will continue to believe that it is the only passport to a destination that is yet to be carved out.”

Source: The Nation Online

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