Veteran Nollywood actress, Moji Olaiya who is just recovering from a shattering marriage crash finally speaks on what has kept her going.

Speaking with Encomium Magazine, Moji Olaiya disclosed what she has missed about being married and how she has moved on.

She said “it is a good thing for a man to ask after you and your welfare.  What you are doing, where you have been that particular day. I am okay, I am still my normal self, and nothing has changed about me. I now watch where I go then my every move.  But I have moved on”.
When further asked about if there was room for reconciliation and what she has learnt from her ordeal, she disclosed that she has learnt to always be herself and to depend on God.
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It all depends on God. I have learnt that I should always be myself. I have learnt how to depend more on God than on man. I have realized now that God is the only person you should depend on for everything.  I am closer to God more and I pray more”.
Also, few days back the Nollywood actress clinched an ambassadorial deal, as the “Cultural Ambassador” to Ekiti state.

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