chibok girls + boko haram

Hajiya Aishatu, one of the casualties of the savage Boko Haram order, has issued a stern cautioning to the Federal government concerning the missing Chibok young ladies.
The lady, who is presently taking asylum in Jos, Plateau state, said that bringing back Chibok young ladies into the nation may spell fate for Nigeria's against terrorism position.

Aishatu giving the notice in a meeting said: "Conveying back Chibok young ladies would sum to importing vampires into the nation, the crusade for Chibok young ladies is not in light of a legitimate concern for this nation.

"Chibok young ladies are not existing anyplace on the planet, the vast majority of them had been utilized as suicide aircraft by the individuals who kidnapped them."

"Young ladies included in suicide assaults in the most recent two years till date were the Chibok young ladies, it will be an exercise in futility for anybody to be talking of safeguarding Chibok young ladies," she included.

The Boko Haram survivor, who originates from Bama town, was fortunate to fled to Jos amid the warmth of the fear war in the north-east.

Aishatu saw the murdering of her spouse and two kids before her close call encouraged the administration to watch the exercises of those occupied with the Bring Back our Girls Campaign base in Abuja since those included are following up on supreme lack of awareness or they are not true to the country.

"In the event that at all Chibok young ladies exist anyplace, taking them back to Nigeria will even spell fate for this nation since they have been prepared to see the nation as the place where there is underhanded men," she proceeded.

The lady spoke to National Emergency Management Agency to devise a method for distinguish those casualties who are not staying in the camps now because of the graciousness of their relations who gave them cover by incorporating them in the recovery system of the central government.

Boko Haram individuals raged the administration optional school in the remote town of Chibok in Borno state on the night of April 14, 2014, stealing 276 young ladies who were get ready for end-of-year exams.

Fifty-seven got away however nothing has been known about the more than 200 others since their appearance in a Boko Haram video.

One the authorities of the order as of late said that the terrorists didn't know the area of the young ladies.

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