Earlier today a story about the dethroning of former face of VL Magazine, Joyce Amarachi Mbatu was on the airwaves and was carried by many blogs. She alleged that the Magazine cancelled her contract because she refused to do a topless photo shoot.

The management of VL Magazine, through the CEO have issued an official  statement addressing Amarachi's allegations.

Describing her as a "disgrace to womanhood" who wasn't fit to be a "queen to a mechanic shop". they contend that she was briefed about her duties as the face of the brand, and insist she was not asked to come to Benin for a topless shoot.

Read their statement below

Words from the CEO:

"My manager called my attention to  updates from different blogs about the dethroned queen bed ... here is my official statement concerning all the controversies as regards the dethroned queen ( Amarachi Joyce Mbatu)

During the time of the competition all contestants where informed that when the winner emerge the winner will do a bikini shoot as part of her portfolio and they all agreed (Amarachi inclusive) .  ‎All contestants where also informed that as a beauty queen of VL you must be avaliable at all times when the brand needs you  and this includes traveling to other states/countries for jobs, I told them specifically that who ever won't be able to meet with these requirements should quit and they all agreed and said they are available 100%. (Amarchi Inclusive)

When Amarachi won face of VL it was from one complain to another, she wanted things to go her which was not possible...As face of ‎VL winner she was supposed to CO host our Tv show (Just Say It) with me but she opted out because she said her work won't  permit her to do that. Amarachi was supposed to come to Benin city for a shoot but she declined at first saying her parents won't allow her travel , In the end she agreed to travel but saying she will stay for just 3 hours. I spent more than 100 thousand naira to make sure Amarachi coming to Benin was stress a free one.

Amarachi tricked us saying she was coming to Benin  only to call us 2 hours later saying her flight was cancelled. I told her to send me her booking and flight number which she did and I traced the flight and discovered Amarachi didn't book any flight to Benin. When you are on a contract with a brand as a beauty queen or whatsoever you are supposed to be available at all times when the brand needs you but in Amarachi's case she wanted to dictate for the brand which is unheard of and inappropriate . She even said she won't always be available for the brand at all times because her job was a constraint ‎

Amarachi was not dethroned because we told her to do a topless shoot, she was disqualified because of her lack of commitment, availability and not been able to meet up with the brands requirements......Amarachi agreed to do a bikini shoot even before the competition as of part of her portfolio which every beauty queen does after winning a competition, after winning she said she didn't want it anymore......we didn't tell Amarachi to come to Benin and do a topless shoot.....

I want to say I am very disappointed in Amarachi for coming on social media trying to tarnish the image of the brand, she is a disgrace to womanhood and a very big liar....she is not even fit enough be a queen of a mechanic workshop.

Thanks for your support.....God bless"

-Theo Olele

CEO/Publisher VL Magazine Africa ‎

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