A Church of England pastor has recounted how she learned of her jihadi child's passing through a video posted on the web.
Reverend Sue Boyce said she was "frightened" to find her child Jake Petty, who passed by the assumed name Abu Yaqoob Britani, had fled the UK to join ISIS in Syria in July 2014.
He kept on staying in contact with his distressed family over WhatsApp however 'went calm' in mid August.

Ayman Shaukat

Frivolous, a previous Church of England Schoolboy who changed over to Islam when he was 15, sent a last email to his family on October 26, 2014 - days before he kicked the bucket.

In the message entitled 'New Life', he shielded the deadly gathering by saying 'we are not a heap of in reverse, savage terrorists' and guaranteed 'no one has been mentally conditioned or deceived'.

His guardians got some answers concerning his demise when police demonstrated to them web footage of his dead body on October 30, the Old Bailey listened.

Battling tears Susan Boyce gave told the court: 'It was the kind of email that, when it arrived, you read it and wished you weren't understanding it and there'd be another saying it was a terrible joke.'
Ayman Shaukat + ISIS

Unimportant was 25 years of age when he was executed while battling for ISIS.

His deprived mother told the Old Bailey that Petty went to the Blue Coat optional school, in Walsall and left subsequent to completing his GCSEs, matured 16.

Rev Boyce said her child had moved to Egypt to ponder in the wake of completing a degree at London University's prestigious School of Oriental and Asian Studies (SOAS).

She said: 'I had no sign that he was considering going to Syria. We had got together and watched news of the uprising.

'Unless he was feigning, he was entirely stunned by a portion of the things that were going on, and over the executions, and that Sunnis [Muslims] were included.

'We had a family WhatsApp gathering and he would send clever things, similar to him crossing the street to show how bustling it was. Everybody from the family did a duplicate of that wherever they lived.'

He in the long run called to say he was 'on the fringes of Syria as a guide laborer' and asserted he had lost his telephone, however in the end called them on the same number.

Rev Boyce said: 'I was sickened, I said don't be moronic, don't do it, yet he said it was as a guide laborer.'

Unimportant then went calm until he messaged his family on October 26 to let them know he was preparing to be a warrior.

He included: 'I'm sad for not being forthright about my goal to come here, yet I dreaded you might have attempted to stop me, which I couldn't chance. Following turning into a Muslim I have never been cheerful living in the UK.

'We are not a heap of in reverse, murderous terrorists, but rather simply individuals who need to live some place where society rotates around religion and not the other path round.

'No one has been mentally programmed or deceived, I am preparing to be a trooper in light of the fact that the entire world are united against us.'

'At this point you would have acknowledged what this implies; tragically I won't ever be returning to the UK… I know none of this is simple for you and you [may] never excuse me yet it's not my goal for you to stress [or] dismal.

'Yes the odds of me getting hurt here are high however I need you to realize that in going through my days with the most kind, liberal and cherishing individuals I've ever met and I have a peace and happiness in my heart that I could never long for anyplace else. "

He told his sister that he would miss her wedding, including: 'It makes me dismal just to compose this that I won't be at your wedding and for this I trust you will pardon me.

'I know how much the day intends to you and I trust it will in any case be astonishing and everything that you longed for.'

Police went by the family home on 30 October a year ago and prosecutor Julian Christopher QC said: 'When they did come round and demonstrated the footage you could see that it was him.'

Rev Boyce was giving confirmation in the arraignment of Lorna Moore, 33, who is blamed for neglecting to illuminate police her spouse Sajid Aslam was ready to leave for Syria

Attendants have heard Petty was one of a gathering of youthful Muslims from Walsall who went to battle for ISIS in the middle of July and December 2014 - or possibly attempted to.

His classmate Isaiah Siadatan left behind his wife Kerry Thomason, 24, and their two youngsters to join his companion in the war torn nation.

Police halted Thomason before she could get onto a flight to Turkey and Siadatan later sent her an email undermining to execute her and her family on the off chance that she didn't convey his kids to Syria.

It is not known whether he is still alive, but rather Thomason has confessed to helping him in planning for his demonstrations of terrorism.

Previous Walsall supply instructor Aslam, 34, was purportedly a fundamentalist Muslim intrigued by affecting youngsters.

The Muslim change over left the nation in August 2014, leaving his 33-year-old wife, Lorna Moore, and three kids in Walsall.

He is said to be battling for ISIS, while Moore, why should charged have made arrangements for her and their kids to go along with him, is standing trial close by Ayman Shaukat.

Shaukat is blamed for helping Aslam and another man get to Syria to join ISIS, while Aslam's wife Lorna Moore, 33, is said to have neglected to ready police to her spouse's arrangements.

Alex Nash, 22, additionally went to a Church of England School, in Walsall, before changing over to Islam, matured 18, and wedding a Muslim young lady, Yousma Jan, 20 in an Islamic service saw by Aslam and Shaukat.

Shaukat is affirmed to have driven them to Birmingham airplane terminal on 4 November 2014 so they could travel to Turkey and even expelled furniture and kitchen apparatuses from their leased house.

Members of the jury heard the couch and ice chest wound up at the Walsall Islamic Center, otherwise called 'Islam Walsall', where Shaukat was the treasurer.

The pair were extradited back to the UK by the Turkish powers and captured off the plane at Heathrow airplane terminal. Nash has following conceded to readiness of terrorist acts.

Shaukat, who worked at Equity Finance Ltd, in Wolverhampton, is said to have sympathized with ISIS and a photo of him posturing before an ISIS-style banner in his room was recouped from his cell telephone.

Legal hearers heard the Coventry University graduate likewise had a duplicate of terrorist manual 39 Ways to Serve Participate in Jihad and a digital book called 44 Ways to Support Jihad on CDs stashed on a second bookshelf in his room.

Shaukat, of Pargeter Street, Walsall, precludes two tallies from claiming planning of terrorist acts and one charge of ownership of data in spite of the Terrorism Act.

Moore, of Glebe Street, Walsall, denies disguising data about demonstrations of terrorism.

Thomason has conceded to helping her spouse in arrangement of demonstrations of terrorism, while Nash, of Bentley Lane, Walsall has conceded readiness of terrorist acts.

The trial proceed

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