Stunned Mohini told specialists she didn't have a ultrasound check amid the pregnancy as her spouse, Pradeep Singh, 25, a day by day wage work couldn't manage the cost of the consistent registration.
'I had never envisioned I would have twins not to mention them being joined with one another. I had an exceptionally issue free pregnancy and never considered consistent registration.

'I am shattered. They are lovely yet I am not certain to what extent will they survive,' said a forlorn Mohini.

Specialists at Jai Devi Hospital where the children were conceived, asserted the twins experienced the condition Thoracopagus, the odds of such births are one into equal parts a million.

Dr Sashi Gupta, the gynecologist, said: 'It is an exceptionally uncommon instance of conjoined twins. In my 30 year-long vocation, I have never run over any conjoined twins. This is likely the main case in Agra too.'

In spite of conjoined twins frequently confronting a remote possibility of survival because of inconveniences, the twins' different hearts and lungs give them a superior shot of survival.

Dr Gupta included: 'However the odds of survival can be troubling in these cases, they may live in the event that they are isolated inside 34 weeks as they have separate hearts and different organs yet have the same liver. The operation would be basic and costly.'

In any case, the operation for their detachment is just conceivable in greater doctor's facilities in New Delhi, the capital city of the nation.

Pradeep said: 'We were extremely energized for the landing of our first tyke however never envisioned God will give us twins who might be joined with one another.

'We don't recognize what to do now. Specialists are stating they may survive if taken to a propelled doctor's facility however I don't have cash to foot the doctor's facility bills.

'In any case, I won't surrender my kids. I will take best watch over the length of they survive. I don't know whether government will offer a poor man like me,' some assistance with saying a weepy Pradeep, who gains a negligible £50 a month

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