A primitive new ISIS video demonstrates a youthful, English talking kid sawing the head off an unarmed prisoner. 
With his blade pointed down the camera lens, the youngster issues a chilling risk to the United States for equipping rebel gatherings to battle the fear bunch in Syria. 

He says: 'Goodness America, these are the warriors you outfitted and you burned through cash on to battle the Sharia of Islam. 

'We will devastate them as we demolished the [inaudible] of Iraq... You can't get away,' he includes the purposeful publicity video which is thought to have been shot in Aleppo, Syria. 

The kid then says ISIS will meet their adversaries 'on the slopes of Dabiq' - a little Syrian town where some Muslims trust the last, whole-world destroying fight against the West will be battled. 

It is thought the kid, wearing a dark tunic, is the child of ISIS contender Abu Darda who was executed by a U.S. airstrike in Aleppo. 

ISIS's prisoner, wearing an orange jumpsuit, was thought to be a warrior for the Levant Front radical group - a coalition of gatherings who met up to annihilate the devotees. 

He is compelled to give a meeting totally in Arabic before he is shackled and walked to a range of forest. 

In the 17 minute long video, the kid drives the man through the trees and constrains him to stoop on the ground. 

The English talking kid then debilitates America, despite the fact that his intonation does not clarify where he is initially from. 

At long last, he comes to down to pull the man's neck up towards him and cuts his head off with a honed blade. 

The precisely altered video likewise incorporates shots of decimated structures and streets, which seems to have been brought on via airstrikes on ISIS domain. 

This is not the first run through the dread gathering has included youthful youngsters in its execution recordings. 

Just a month ago, a four year old British kid named Isa Dare was taped wearing armed force fatigues in an ISIS video. 

In the video that stunned Britain, he said: 'We are going to slaughter the kaffir (non-devotees) over yonder.' 

His mom was Muslim change over Grace "Khadija" Dare, 24, from Lewisham, South-East London, who had connections to the enemies of Lee Rigby and fled to Syria with her child three years back.

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