"text" Olumide Bakare on sick bed "alt" Olumide+Bakare

Nollywood on-screen character, Olumide Bakare, on Thursday begged Nigerians to go to his guide as he fights lung and heart illnesses.
The News Agency of Nigeria reports that the veteran performer has been fundamentally sick for some time now.

"text" Olumide Bakare "alt" Olumide+Bakare

He is said to have been at the emergency unit the University College Hospital, Ibadan since Jan. 2.

The veteran performer was hospitalized after a heart failure, and is currently battling for his life.

He said the crippling illness had delivered a gigantic strain on his money as he had spent over a million naira on it.

The restorative circumstance has incited him to approach great energetic Nigerians to go to his guide monetarily.

Bakare said he would require in regards to N30, 000 every day and that good natured Nigerians ought to go to his guide monetarily and profoundly.

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