Immediate past Nigerian president, Goodluck Jonathan has stated that he is ready to work for his successor, Muhammadu Buhari.

Jonathan, however, said he would not force himself on the current government if he is not needed.

He said, “I am former president and I cannot throw myself on the new government. It depends on the assignment the current president decides to give me and also depends
on if I have the capacity to carry out such assignment."

The former president who was in Geneva, Switzerland, where he was honoured by an association of international diplomats, the
Cercle Diplomatique, based in Geneva, for the role he played during the smooth transition of power in 2015, however declined comment when asked by journalist to rate the current government.

“He is our president and can decide to send people on assignments based on national interests. When I was in office, I used to give
assignments to former presidents and that is how it has always been. I am free to work for my country and indeed for any other African
president that considers my service valuable." Jonathan explained.

When quizzed on the performance of the current government, Jonathan said “when you ask me about what is happening to all my legacies and what is happening in the government today, I will tell you that you are
being unfair to me. You do not expect a former president to begin to speak of his successor, especially knowing that I have just left office."

“It is not standard practice anywhere because any comment I make now, whether positive or negative, could be misinterpreted. I will tell you
that you are not helping me, you are not showing me love, if you continue to insist that I should run commentaries on the activities of my
successor.” He concluded.

Source: DailyPost

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