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A recently marry groom suffocated in the swimming pool of a five-star Dubai lodging while his wife unwittingly took photographs of him on her telephone, an investigation has listened.
Maira Shahid was watching Mohammed Majid Malik, swimming in a lodging pool on the most recent day of their special first night and taking pictures on her cell telephone before acknowledging he was getting into trouble.

An examination in Ampthill, Bedfordshire, heard she then 'gambled everything' by bouncing into the 3.6 meter profound water to attempt to save her suffocating spouse - regardless of the way that she couldn't swim.
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Mr Malik, 28, had waded in reverse into a pool in Dubai as Mrs Shahid took pictures on her telephone.

In any case, the investigation heard that he got into trouble in the wake of dropping out of his profundity.

Two inn visitors made the plunge and figured out how to haul Mr Malik out of the water yet staff were not able revive him.

At a past listening to Mrs Shahid said: 'I could see his hands going here and there and I went into the pool to attempt to get him up yet I proved unable.

'I was shouting for help and couldn't get hold of his hands.'
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Subsequent to going out for supper the couple sat by the pool at the Jebel Ali Beach Hotel in Dubai and Mr Malik, a home loan counselor from Luton, Bedfordshire, went for a swim.

Mrs Shahid included: 'Majid said he needed to go for a walk, that was the first occasion when we went there [to the pool].

'We arrived paddling and talking then we circumvented the other side and sat there.

'He said he needed to swim.

'I inquired as to whether he could swim as it was our first occasion together and he said he had done it before at the rec center.'

The examination, hung on Wednesday in Ampthill, Bedfordshire., heard how Mr Malik was professed dead 35 minutes in the wake of being hauled out of the pool on August 15 a year ago.

His sister, Safiyah, likewise told the examination how Mr Malik used to go swimming frequently and had known how to swim for some time.

Recording a decision of unintentional passing, partner coroner Ian Pears said: 'Maira is not ready to swim but rather she gambled everything to attempt and spare him.

'She then seems to have possessed the capacity to get pull out to call for help yet it was past the point of no return.

'It is very stunning to see she [Mrs Shahid] pretty much recorded his demise without acknowledging it and I can comprehend why she is discouraged about that.'

Talking after the hearing, Mr Malik's dad Mohammed paid tribute to the 28-year-old.

He said: 'He was a decent child who was constantly useful and contemplated his guardians.

'He was all around loved and nobody had ever had an awful word to say against him.'

Mr Malik's sister Safiyah additionally said: 'He generally considered others before himself it's still a troublesome time for our crew.

'He was the light of our family and is genuinely missed, yet always remembered.

'The sum total of what we have are cheerful recollections which will be cherished.'

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