We were appalled by the viral 2014 video of some military cadets brutalizing an unarmed Nigerian in Abuja. Now, finally, the man in the video, Amari Sunday has come out to speak on television.
He was a guest on Channels TV this morning, where he narrated what happened. Amari says he was a staff of Abuja Park “N” Pay. He was working under SureP and was assigned to Jabi Lake where the incident happened.

He said his initial offence was his inability to get to an army officer who called him from a distance within 5 seconds. He claimed that it was while they were beating him that the lady asked him if she was beautiful…and when he answered in the affirmative, another round of beating started.

He said he sustained various degrees of injuries from the shameless and dusgusting assault.

The NDA issued a statement last week that the case was under investigation, so we are hopeful  that the cadets involved will be punished and made an example of.

Watch the Video below:

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