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We've at last – at long last – been honored with a more different scope of Barbies, with new reasonable body sorts and skin tones. We're really amped up for the entire thing.
However, now, in case we're going to begin recording our web applications for the following round of new increases to the Barbie accumulation, we have a recommendation: a Barbie who wears a hijab.

Putting forth the defense is Instagram account Hijarbie. The profile's maker, Haneefah Adam, takes Barbie dolls and dresses them up in hijabs and abayas she hand-fastens herself in smaller than usual size.

Haneefah told MIC that she thought of Hijarbie in the wake of seeing the achievement of the Barbie Style Instagram.

She said: 'It made them consider how I'd really jump at the chance to see a doll spruced up like I would have – concealed.

'I was reflecting about the thought for around three months while I was all the while examining for my graduate degree in the UK.

'When I returned to Nigeria, I went to the shopping center, acquired a doll, dressed it up, recorded it and here we are.'

And additionally flaunting exactly how blimmin' chic hijab style can be, Haneefah needs the Instagram to motivate youthful Muslim ladies to feel more sure.

She told MIC: 'I need them to be enlivened – this is about having an option and making an attention to having toys that receives your religion and society and in your own particular resemblance, which by the day's end, prompts a change in self-regard.'

'It's imperative to make a feeling of worth in the Muslim tyke, particularly the young lady tyke.

'They turn out to be more sure, more determined, they trust more in themselves, which prompts a valuation for herself and her humble way of life and childhood.

'Rather than sprucing up her dolls in garments she wouldn't wear, hijabifying it will make a feeling of having

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