Ed Woodward is a top lender. 'Straight out of the corporate treat jug' is the way partners depict Manchester United's official bad habit executive.

Presently, he's confronting the business choice of his life; does he react to Pep Guardiola's producing so as to land in Manchester City his own 'huge mammoth', Jose Mourinho, or adhere to the 'United way' and give club legend Ryan Giggs the reins when Louis van Gaal goes.

There is one sureness – it is not a simple choice. What's more, Woodward will be worrying all day, every day what to do. City's announcing so as to commandeer of exchange due date day Pep for Pellegrini is an indication of things to come, for a worldwide concern such as United, it's just untenable to be viewed as less newsworthy than your adversaries from crosswise over town.

City have raised the stakes, so do United tear up their long-standing Giggs system and go for Jose, on the premise that on the off chance that you can't beat them, go along with them?

In spite of the fact that a definite choice will rest with The Glazer family as opposed to Woodward, his info is critical. What to do next will be destroying him.

On the substance of it, there is one and only figure who can coordinate Guardiola for excitement, appeal and power. That is Mourinho.

Their contention in Spain flagged the most minimal point in relations in the middle of Barcelona and Real Madrid. 'He can have his Champions League outside the field. Fine.' answered Guardiola to Mourinho's insult



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