Nigerian artist, Yemi Alade, who discussed her relationship status in a late meeting with Saturday Beats said she is still single furthermore uncovered the qualities that he ought to have.
At the point when gotten some information about her optimal man, the artist who is still single said, "I like my man to be God dreading; have a decent feeling of style and agreeability. He must be one that has aspiration and reason and he should demonstrat to it, not simply discuss it,"


She additionally said, "I'm great at multi-tasking. In the morning, regardless I go to the kitchen and do things myself. I am as of now conversing with somebody for a shoe-line, and conversing with other individuals for different business opportunities. I am all around. I should utilize my childhood well. I lost my father at a youthful age thus I am similar to my mom's dad and spouse. I have a business accomplice who will deal with my different organizations since she comprehends my work.

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